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Cleaning out my closet this weekend, I came across a huge pile of stuff I'm going to be getting rid of. First to go are these cross-stitched LuthorCorp logo bookmarks.

it's 2" x 5", done in two-strand DMC floss and one strand back-stitching and edging on 14 ct. Aida vinyl weave.

I got four of 'em. They fit inside a regular envelope, and I'm betting the postage is a single stamp, maybe two at the most, so I'm not asking for payment. Just claim 'em, and leave me an address. I'll send it to you, and it's yours.
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Friends Only. This time for keepsies. Comment to be added, you know the drill. ETA: If you're already friended, you don't have to comment. I'm not defriending anyone, just locking down.

ETA 2: If you're just here for the fic, [ profile] sidekickgeekgrl is your best bet.
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Ranch Snack Crackers

3/4ths (three-fourths) cup salad/cooking oil
1 envelope (1.02 oz) Hidden Valley Ranch Original Recipe Dressing mix
1/2 (one-half) tsp dill weed
1/4 (one-quarter) tsp lemon pepper
1/4 (one-quarter) tsp garlic
12-16 oz bag of oyster crackers (plain)

Combine all ingredients EXCEPT oyster crackers and whisk until blended. Place crackers in large bowl and pour dressing mix over crackers. Stir or shake carefully to coat. Place on ungreased baking sheet and bake at 275 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Cool, then transfer to sealed container.
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Spicy Roast Beef (serious hit in my house!)

3 pound roast or brisket, trimmed of fat
1 to 2 tbsp, depending on taste, cracked black peppercorns
2 cloves of garlic, finely minced
3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
one-fourth cup reduced-sodium soy sauce
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp dry mustard

Rub cracked pepper and garlic onto roast. Put roast into Crock-Pot. Make several shallow slits/cuts in top of roast.

In a small bowl, combine remaining ingredients, stir together, and pour over meat. Cover and cook on low setting 8-10 hours, or high setting, 4-5 hours.


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