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kelex ([personal profile] kelex) wrote2010-11-15 07:26 pm

LuthorCorp Bookmarks

Cleaning out my closet this weekend, I came across a huge pile of stuff I'm going to be getting rid of. First to go are these cross-stitched LuthorCorp logo bookmarks.

it's 2" x 5", done in two-strand DMC floss and one strand back-stitching and edging on 14 ct. Aida vinyl weave.

I got four of 'em. They fit inside a regular envelope, and I'm betting the postage is a single stamp, maybe two at the most, so I'm not asking for payment. Just claim 'em, and leave me an address. I'll send it to you, and it's yours.

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Hey hon why don't you post this on one of the coms? I'd love to buy them but the machine ate my card lol.

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I don't even belong to any of the comms anymore, I don't think.

Also, they are not for sale, they're for "You want? TAKE IT." Email me your snail mail addy (boomstickbabykel @ bellsouth dot net) and I'll get it in the mail to you, hopefully before the weekend!

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You are too lovely. I am in the UK though hon. I would love to send you something back in return. (For some reason I couldn't get your email to work I'm katie.davies @ reality42 dot net)

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Hrm, I'm having the same problem, it keeps getting bounced back to me as undeliverable. Try me at my gmail; it's boomstickbabykel @

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ohh, that sounds nice actually. count me in!

(i'd half-forgotten about you, sorry about that)