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Second verse, same as the first

Friends Only. This time for keepsies. Comment to be added, you know the drill. ETA: If you're already friended, you don't have to comment. I'm not defriending anyone, just locking down.

ETA 2: If you're just here for the fic, [ profile] sidekickgeekgrl is your best bet.

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Keep Me Please.

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Oh, don't worry. I'm not cutting anyone who's already in, I'm just not letting random anybodys troll by for whatever agendas they've got

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I understand. Thank ya.

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How could I resist a friends only picture like that, hm?

-fights down the urge to glomp the Bruce-

-loses the battle-

-glomps the screen like whoa-

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pretty much just commenting to show off my shiny Autolycus is sexy icon for you. :-D

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I just squeed. An honest to God squee.

The noise I just made was probably only audible to dogs.

...I didn't think my voice could go that high.

-does it again while flailing her arms wildly-

(I swear I'm not an airhead, no matter how much I might sound like one. It's just...The Bruce. The Bruce wipes all logical thought processes from my head.)

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Oh, believe me, I know EXACTLY how you feel about The Bruce. He does that to me, too, on a fairly regular basis in fact. (even more regular since I started Burn Notice and I get an OMG WEEKLY DOSE!!!)

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I was actually planning to call you today since I hadn't heard from you in so long.

I had the area code and two of the first three dialed, and then I got interrupted to do actual work. *annoyed*


How's ya?

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I'm actually pretty good. I've been crafting like a crazy person--for some reason, its therapeutic. as soon as I get a few more made, I'm gonna be sending you something for your home and your desk.

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I'm already your friend, but I had to say, mmmmmmm yummy, Bruce Campbell. 'Come get some...' Weeee.

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mmmm yummy is right. Bruce is like, God. <3

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I hope I'm still one of your friends? :D
Sarah R.

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Of course you are! I'm not *de*friending anyone, like I said. I'm just locking down and not letting random people amble by looking to start anything. Especially with LJ being so f'ing touchy lately.

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I didn't think you would be getting rid of anyone. I just figured Id put something down to show I still read what you write. :D I know I barely update my own journal. I thought I'd let you know I'm still around and watching.
I like your icon! :D And the "Friends Only" badge... *fans self* Hot!

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I wasn't sure if I needed to do this as someone already friended, but better to be safe, I guess.

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Aww, no, you totally didn't have to, but I'm glad you did! I probably should edit the post to say I'm not defriending anyone. Didn't mean to scare you, cause you're not going anywhere!

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Hello, dear,

it's been a little while since I visited your journal and now I found it for "FO".

Well, I was looking for another sequel of your wonderful threesome-storys "GAMBLING" & "DECEPTION".

If this is the way to get the info (and perhaps the new fic) - then I'm more than ready to be friended by you (giggles).
Earnest, I would be honored.

BTW, may I dare to ask you, adding YOU on my Friends-List on my own new LJ account?

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hi there! Please feel free to add me, although I don't think I'm the person you're looking for! I'm not sure who wrote the threesome stories Gambling and Deception, but it wasn't me! If you're still interested, go ahead and add me, and I'll check in the morning to add you back!

Add and add away...

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Sorry, dear, for the confusion, but I thought it was you... ok, my fault, sorry for this.

As I said, I'd be honored, to add YOU to my Friends-List. Thanks for this.

And if you add MOI, we're all be happy and I can comment the good stuff who's comming up...

LOL, Gina

Re: Add and add away...

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You're in! :-D

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I'd like to be able to read your fics, that's pretty much it :) I found your lj via polyfandomrecs, by the way.

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Sorry to come in here like this, but your email address wasn't working. I haven't heard from you about your remix assignment. Please get back to me ASAP and let me know if the fic will be to me by Friday. If I haven't heard from you by 8 PM EST tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct 3), I will assume you have defaulted.

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... no, I didn't default. I did leave a message for you on... one of the remix posts, saying that it was going to be late, and I haven't gotten THIS post from LJ yet, I just happened to be looking for an old LJ post and saw it. It won't be Friday, but it will be Monday before it's done. And if it's not done by Monday, then I'll pull my hair out because my RL's been distracting me like hell. but have faith, I haven't defaulted, just not been around.

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I'm hoping you'll friend me if I ask nicely so, "Oh, please friend me! I want to read of your wunderbar stories!"

Thank you. :)

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done and done! you might also want to friend [ profile] sidekickgeekgrl because that's where all my fic's moved to, and all new fic will be posted there. And it's public!

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hey :o just wanted to ask if I can friend you?
Okay the reason why I found your journal is that I was searching for Jared/Chad and it really seems that you the only person who writes some stuff which isn't only R-17 ._.; So if you don't want it's okay but I really want to read your storys =3
So pleeease :D


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You can friend me and I'll friend you back! You can also head over to [ profile] sidekickgeekgrl, and you can find more fic, all unlocked, and no friending required!

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Thaaaaaaaank you so much *huggles* I'm so looking forward to read your storys *bouncy* and also to be friends x3 *bounce again*

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Did you get my PM about J?
ext_19186: Dean the demon hunter (Alec Always All right)

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Hi there! Thought I'd add you since we are now working together for Jennie. I'm Sue! Pleased to meet you.

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Hi, I just came from someone's rec-fic memory, I really want to know more about you, add me please. <3